Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pancake Day!

Happy pancake day! I love pancakes, but this year I thought I'd mix things up a bit. Instead of having a conventional maple syrup, honey or lemon and sugar pancake I decided to try making Oreo pancakes! I followed this recipe which serves 4:

For the pancake batter you will need:

Buttermilk (600g)

Medium eggs (x8)

Unsalted butter (125g)

Vanilla extract (1 and a half tsp.)

Plain flour (600g)

Corn flour (100g)

Baking powder (30g)

Granulated sugar (125g)

Oreo cookies (150g)

Unsalted butter for frying (100g)

To serve you will need:

Marshmallow fluff (25g)

Maple Syrup/Chocolate sauce (100ml)


  • Melt the butter and combine with buttermilk, eggs and vanilla extract.
  • Combine the plain flour, corn flour, baking powder and granulated sugar. Blitz the Oreo cookies in a food processor till they become fine crumbs and add them to the dry mix.
  • Whisk the buttermilk, eggs and vanilla extract together with dry ingredients. Continue mixing for 2-3 minutes.
  • Grease a large hot frying pan with butter and add dollops of pancake mix, keeping them separate. Allow to cook for 3 minutes on each side. They should puff up in the pan.
  • Stack cooked pancakes on a plate, add a dollop of marshmallow fluff, break a few Oreo's on top and drizzle with maple syrup or chocolate sauce depending on your taste.
  • For those who really want to get in the spirit cut yourself out an Oreo stencil and dust with icing sugar for a perfect finish.
  • Enjoy!
Hope you have a wonderful pancake day! Keep smiling,

Nina <3.

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