Sunday, 22 February 2015


It's important to let those you love and cherish know how much you appreciate their existence. Compliments are a cute short way to brighten someone's day! I'm not just talking about praising someone's looks or clothing (although this is also very nice), you should try to compliment someone's personality or congratulate them on one of their achievements! 
If you're out there in the big wide world reading this post, you are appreciated, you are loved and you are beautiful. My challenge for you is to give out the compliments below to a friend, a family member, a girl, a boy, a person who serves you at the checkout of a shop, a person who serves you at a drive-through window, someone younger than you, someone older than you and finally someone who looks like their feeling down. We can make the world a better place together <3.

Feel free to leave me a comment down below. Keep smiling,
Nina <3.

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